Zomato Originals: No, Zomato is not trying to enter the content landscape.

Why Zomato is launching ‘webseries’ of its own.

Abhishek Anand
6 min readSep 16, 2019


I read a post on LinkedIn today. Though there was a definite intent to be funny, it showed a clear dissociation between what Zomato is doing, and how many are perceiving it as. This is a screengrab of the post I came across:

It couldn’t get any less accurate than this. Unfortunately, this was not the first time I came across such a thing. I came across an article on a reputed media publication that peddled the narrative: “Zomato just launched its Original webseries, and will now give a stiff competition to Netflix and Amzon Prime.”

Seriously guys? I understand clickbait, but this is just ridiculous!


As per a post on the company’s official blog, the company will launch 18 Original shows over a period of the next 90 days. Some of these proposed shows have been detailed out on the post, and the Youtube promo the company has released as a teaser seems to hit some sweet notes.

A lot of us (myself included) would be able to relate when the company says that food and video content go hand in hand. For me, if I am watching something, I need something to munch on. Although, I don’t watch food videos, I am more of a Brooklyn Nine Nine guy myself. Btw, if you haven’t watched 99, I suggest you watch this video immediately.

Anyway, so it is some form of a video content that the company is putting out for its users to consume. You could start to see some sense behind all the “Netflix, Prime competition” reporting till the time you look at some of the shows the company has listed down.




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