You’re slightly missing the point. Of course they would prefer it a more convenient way.

Btw, the more convenient way may not necessarily be an app, but let’s not worry about that.

The intent is to evaluate the usability and value of the product, and not the medium by which that delivery should happen.

Similarly, the 1800-number question. I think one of the biggest question that Ola or anyone getting in that segment would have been faced with would have been — does the market really exist? Which is what I think they had set out to answer by a system that enabled them to go to the market for evaluation before building the whole infrastructure.

VCs invest — with conviction — when you can show them that your business has what it takes to arrive at a connect with your consumers. Be it your product, or the way you present your product. Yes, both are important. A good product presented poorly may be received ridiculously.

That is why MVP becomes important. To show that you’ve got the pulse right.

[The answer to this comment of yours got too long. (Sorry, couldn’t help it. Got carried away). So I have put it up as a separate story. I address a couple of more points there. You may wanna read.]

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