Your network isn’t who all are in your LinkedIn connections

We have more unknown faces in our LinkedIn list than we do on Facebook. Something is broken, and we do need to fix it.

Your network is your net worth.

There is another one by author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn (though he is frequently misquoted on this one).

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Both are quite powerful, and as a result people have been on a ‘networking’ frenzy. I have more than 2,500 connections on LinkedIn, despite the fact that (a) I send maybe 8–10 connection requests in a year, (b) I try to sanitise my connection list once/twice a year or so.

This is what’s wrong.

If I send out connection requests to every single CEO at Fortune 500 companies, maybe around 10% of them would be kind enough to accept the request. But how does that help me? Having them in my connection list makes my profile shiny? It elevates my professional status? How exactly does it help me?



Sure. Send out connection request to people in your industry. It is a good thing to connect with domain experts and gain from their experience and expertise on the subject matter. But be very clear — first to yourself, and then to them — in why you are looking to connect with them.


I follow some simple rules. Feel free to use them, or craft your own.

This is the article I talk about in my mail to Yam Regev

The size of your LinkedIn network doesn’t matter. The size and impact of your conversations and actions do. That’s real networking.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.

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