You can’t afford to lose consistency when it comes to content.

The last 10 weeks have been rough — more or less.

Abhishek Anand
3 min readAug 21, 2017

I started writing on April 9 with one single view — Write every day. No agenda. No goals. And no missed deadlines. And it was all going great till the mid of June. That is when my content delivery took its first hit. I needed to be off for 10 days on account of a joyous personal moment. I still produced a couple of pieces of content, so it wasn’t that bad, and even though I wasn’t that active on Medium, I think I kept on writing answers on Quora whenever I could. Once I was back, I was back in flow. Content production was in motion again. With one major difference. I wasn’t answering questions on Quora anymore. Why not? I don’t know. It wasn’t planned; I just wasn’t answering questions. But my Medium account survived — for six-seven weeks.

This has been a busy month for me. I have been traveling a lot on account of work, and have had a lot on my mind on account of new assignments that I have taken up. The result? The content pipeline more or less came to a standstill. Today is the 21st day of August, and this is only the 4th story I have written this month. Shame!

This is how a slump in your content delivery affects you:

  • After three months of writing, around the 31st of July, one of my stories started getting a lot of traction — like nothing any of my stories had seen in past. I had written the story on July 19, and you can see how things have gone for it.
July 19 — July 22
July 23 — today (July 23 has 14 views, which wouldn’t have been bad considering how it was initially performing, but that surge you see on Aug 1 made it a speck on the chart)

This is the story:

  • And then a week later it all stopped. Why? Because Medium’s algorithm would not be counting me in as one of the regulars. (I’m assuming)
  • Your average daily views plummet because your discoverability is way down on the Medium algo
  • You lose your position as a top writer in most of the tags where you once were. I was a top writer in maybe 9–10 different tags. Today, Medium shows just 4. I’ll lose them too, if I don’t pull my shit together. :-)
  • Your follower base stops growing. Again, Medium’s discoverability algo.

When it comes to content marketing, consistency in producing good quality contextual content is the only way to win. Everything else is secondary. This? This is just a Medium profile. It can take a hit. When it comes to running a business, the business can’t. Hence this story. Don’t make the mistake of slacking off on your content creation. In the meantime, even I’ll try to do better. Again.

That’s it for today; see you tomorrow.

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