With this, it’s been 2 months of Medium for me

What all has transpired in this time.

I have been writing for 2 months now. It requires as much of discipline as it takes to work out regularly.
CONTEXTI started writing to imbibe some discipline in my life. 1 Quora answer and a story on medium. Every single day. Before the clock reads 9:30am. It started as an experiment, with a timeframe of 16 weeks. Since today marks completion of 2 months → let’s call it 8 weeks.

So what all has happened in this time:

  • I don’t think I have taken a break. There have been days when I have just winged it, but yeah — haven’t taken breaks.
  • Have written more than the set target a couple of times.
  • Have written some crazy shit (read worthless) once or twice (including this one).
  • There have been a few pieces that I felt happy about. One on chatbot, another one on advice on sending me a LinkedIn message, then the most recent — diversity in (tech) companies.
  • Sometimes the content doesn’t get published when I would like it to. Publications do have their own massive inflow to deal with.
  • Have been waking up at 6:00am every day. Like clockwork.
  • I am able to get a lot of work done by the time its 11am. Feels both strange/weird and good at the same time.
  • I started with around 50 followers on Medium. Today, I have close to 950. And this is purely organic.
  1. I have posted two full articles on LinkedIn — with links to those stories on Medium (citing originally published on….).
  2. I can’t be sure, but I think I may have posted the link for the first couple of stories on my twitter handle. If I did, I stopped in the first week itself
  3. I did use to retweet any tweets about my stories. Stopped that as well. Now I just send a personal response thanking them for the share.
  • I have been a top writer for 7 different tags, and in the process identified a limitation that Medium imposes on its writers. I’ll explain below. (Someone else may have discovered it ages back, it was new to me)


Ev Williams — You have cheated me!


*Actual count for responses on other stories has been 38, but 9 of them got converted to a larger format — making them a full fledged story on their own.
9 of these 105 were published before April 9.


Bottom line? Content rules!

One of the best responses I have ever received. Thanks Lori Parker. Although the response overall was confusing. (source)
NEXT TWO WEEKSThe next two weeks are going to be tough. I have some family affairs and functions to tend to, and I can't be sure of how my schedule is going to look like. There are promises of having enough on my plate to keep me on my feet the whole time. I don't know if that is just a scare tactic or an indication of how it is going to be.As much as possible, I will try adhering to the schedule. If not, I do have a cache of 8 cheat days that I can encash. (When starting this endeavour, I had allowed myself 1 cheat day each week. Wasn't really sure if I will be able to stick to the routine or not, so had decided to give myself some wiggle room.)So far I haven't used any cheat days, so I am sitting on a cache full of them. But. As much as possible, I would like to see it remain unused. We'll see. :-)

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.



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