Why do people not engage with your landing page?

Creating a landing page audience engage with is not a fluke, it’s science.

The top three reasons (in reverse):

  • There is no clear “Call to Action” on your landing page. It is not a treasure hunt! Make it simple enough for your visitors; you are spending a lot of time, effort and money to get them there.
  • They get impatient while they wait for you to get to the point. Stop rambling on and on, and get to the point. What is it that you are here for? How do you plan to make my life better? Nobody, and I mean nobody, has gotten all day. (And even if they do, then I am sure they can all find a better place to spend it at)

We have all heard of ‘elevator pitches’. A lot of us follow that in real life as well — but, only when it comes to pitching our product, our services, and more importantly how big our startup is going to get in front of our investors. That is the only time we think of the term — elevator pitch. Why? After all, your userbase — be it in terms of consumers, or in terms of users (who ultimately are the focus of your traction) — is what you try to raise your money on. So why do we forget about this extremely crucial term when it comes to putting ourselves out there in front of our target audience is concerned? An average user — he gives you far less a time as compared to a seasoned venture capitalist when you are pitching your product in front of him. He gives you all but three seconds. Three frigging seconds — that’s it! And we choose to waste that on a lot of self-praise, how we are better than sliced bread, and intellectual masturbation. (Let us call a spade a spade; when you are praising yourself that much, and feeling good about it — how else would you categorize it?)

But you can’t do much in three seconds, can you? Nobody can. It is not even enough to say one complete sentence in 3 seconds, let alone get your point through. You would be absolutely right in thinking that way; but at the same time, the time you get with a VC during an elevator pitch isn’t even nearly enough to convince anyone into backing your startup. The trick is in using that time to pique their interest and have them want to know more — and this concept is equally applicable whether we talk about a venture capitalist or about visitors to your landing page.

The right formula would come after experimenting over and over again with your target audience, and conducting a lot of A/B tests, but let us go over some basic rules:

  1. Optimize your landing page for different devices
  2. Make your first fold hypnotic (it can be in terms of the text-copy or in terms of the imagery and graphics you use)
  3. People respond to power — So deploy strong verbs for maximizing the impact
  4. Follow this rule when you are designing the flow in your landing page
    a. Grab the attention of your audience first
    b. Get them interested in what you are talking about
    c. Make them feel they want your product; scratch that — “need” your product
    d. Now put the CTA field — subscribe, signup, free/paid download, buy — it can be anything
  5. Try shooting up the perceived value of your product in the minds of your target customer — you can play around with words and frame and re-frame things accordingly
  6. Reduce the effort required at the end of the users as much as possible, and more importantly — keep the process simple enough, and not complicated that they would like to think and mull over it

There are no definite rules, and you will find — after tons of experimentation — that what works with one set of audience wouldn’t work as well with another. But the basic rules of engagement never change, and that is what really matters.

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