Why am I bullish about “Voice”?

Forget all the bells and whistles of deep learning and Augmented Reality. At the end of the day, plain simple Voice would win.

Here is why it excited me so much:

#1. When it comes to voice, the language barrier is much lower as compared to written forms of communication.

“Chats” between my contractor and I.

#2. Its fast, its effective, and there is nothing lost in translation

It takes a lot of effort to type these long messages. Talking over a call is faster and easier.

#3. With the fast paced development we are seeing in NLP, AI and speech recognition etc, things look really bright.

#4. Communication joins us. And without the language barrier, think of all the conversations we could have.

1650 frigging languages in the same nation.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!

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