Why am I bullish about “Voice”?

Forget all the bells and whistles of deep learning and Augmented Reality. At the end of the day, plain simple Voice would win.


Here is why it excited me so much:

#1. When it comes to voice, the language barrier is much lower as compared to written forms of communication.

The guy driving my Uber that evening was not the most well read one. From what I gathered from our short interaction, he didn’t stick around for much of his schooling. But he had been conversing with other humans right from the time he would have uttered his first words, isn’t it? So, communicating verbally was obviously the preferred choice for him.

“Chats” between my contractor and I.

#2. Its fast, its effective, and there is nothing lost in translation

One of the problems with text messages, emails etc. is the language gap. Has it ever happened to you that you meant to convey a particular message, the recipient misinterpreted parts of your message and all of a sudden you have the two parties with completely different understanding of the matter at hand.

It takes a lot of effort to type these long messages. Talking over a call is faster and easier.

Can’t argue with that now, can we?

#3. With the fast paced development we are seeing in NLP, AI and speech recognition etc, things look really bright.

Do you remember the keynote by Sundar Pichai where he gave us mere mortals a glimpse of a Google virtual assistant making hair appointments and dinner reservations for you? In case you don’t know what I am talking about, enjoy; and if you remember the video, what the hell — watch it again, it’s amazing.

#4. Communication joins us. And without the language barrier, think of all the conversations we could have.

I did not speak French when I was traveling to Paris for the first time, and the only phrases I learnt to get by were: “Do you speak English?” and “Hey, how are you. Could I ask for some help?”

1650 frigging languages in the same nation.

Now that is a challenge, and it proves itself to be a challenge to the lives of millions everyday who are working across the country in a city where the local language is nowhere close to what they grew up with. If you are booking a table and the person attending the calls at the restaurant doesn’t speak your language, he will go find someone who does before you can start having the discussion.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!

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