What marketing goals does your business have?

How to both create and achieve them.

Abhishek Anand
12 min readSep 18, 2018


Are your marketing campaigns delivering the desired results? If not, then there is a probability that things are messed up at the very basics of it. Are you very clear on the goals of your marketing plan/strategy? And no, “increase my facebook page likes” and “increasing the number of app downloads” does not qualify as a ‘clear goal’.

Unless your marketing strategy has a well defined and concrete set of goals from the get go, you would not be able to execute things the right way, so I can’t underscore the importance of setting up clear goals at every stage of your marketing strategy.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.” — Earl Nightingale

So, now we are clear. To ensure you have a fair shot at achieving your marketing objectives, you need to establish a set of goals first. And these goals have to be clear, crisp, meaningful and concise, and not ones that are created just for the sake of creating goals. Naturally the next question comes up:

How do you create the right set of marketing goals?

It isn’t rocket science actually. Create marketing goals that are well aligned with your broader business objectives. And once you have been able to create these goals, walk backwards to create the right set of strategies to devise the execution plan to achieve them.


For you to be able to create the right set of marketing goals, let us first understand the different attributes that need to be considered to come up with these goals.


“We want to increase our app downloads”

“Something that can make our app go viral”

These are actual responses from the founders of a startup when I asked them what were the objectives of their next marketing campaign — a campaign they wanted me to help them with. After trying for the next 30 mins to…



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