Beautiful. But completely empty inside. That’s how my head feels like right now.

Today, I am drawing a blank

Abhishek Anand
2 min readApr 24, 2017

For the love of my life, I can’t think of a single thing to write about — today. I have been raking my head for the past ten minutes, and there is a tiny voice in my head saying “you should have kept yourself hydrated” over and over again. But other than that, I have got nothing. No thoughts to pour over, nothing insightful to share. I even questioned myself before answering the Quora question I just did. “You sure you want to push that submit button?”

But I did anyway. I kinda had to. That’s the way I had decided this would work. No matter what, 1 quora answer and 1 article every day. But, today I am drawing a blank.

I have been experimenting with bots quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, and now the time has come when I would start putting it out there.

For Ana to start engaging with its audience, and learn from those conversations. And that is why it is so surprising. I have had quite a lot of fun building up these chatbots. Thinking and visualizing conversations helps me stay on point and focus, make the conversation flow more intuitive and helpful. So, ideally I should have a lot to talk about. And I do. There is just so much to share.

But today? Today, I am just drawing a blank!

So, that’s what I wrote about. The big fat empty space in my head! Hope you had fun reading it. Now, I just need to make a quick run to the kitchen and keep myself hydrated.



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