There is a problem with that approach.

It would need a user’s permission every single time this happens. More action required at the user’s end = lower activity. That is why Facebook doesn’t do that. However, it does allow you to ‘restrict’ images you are tagged in from appearing on your timeline — unless you approve of it. But if you do want to remove the tag, you will have to do it manually.

That is why I suggested the approach I mentioned at the end. It would enable a bunch of rules which would be followed on any image of mine that is uploaded — by anyone anywhere. May be a better solution, in my opinion. Different users would be able to impose restrictions of varying intensities depending on their comfort level, willingness and privacy concerns.

The main game would be the machine learning involved though. The deep learning algorithm would need to be robust and powerful enough to identify and categorise images based on the users’ preferences.

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