The importance of content in different teams is getting recognition. Not fast enough though, and not the right way.

Every team in your company needs a content writer — to be precise, a copywriter.


UX writer is not exactly a new role.

Almost 1.5 years old


I’m not sure. There are multiple things that we need to do:

  1. Realise that we DO need a copywriter. Maybe two.
  2. Figure out what would their job entail. Don’t bring the heavy-hitters in the game unless you have a gameplan for them.
  3. Work together with them and evolve your working dynamics. It is quite possible that you weren’t very clear on what you want out of them and what would be the best way for their work to add the most value to the business. That’s okay. Keep working towards improving those dynamics till you get a hang of it. It is still a new field, and you are in unchartered waters. So it will take some getting used to. Accept that, set fear aside and get working.

Let’s circle back to the UX writers again. What would they do?

Let me take a leaf off of Google’s job page.

They set the tone for content and drive cohesive product narratives across multiple platforms and touchpoints. As our resident wordsmiths, they work with a variety of UX design-related jobs including researchers, product managers, engineers, marketing, and customer operations to help establish connective language and a unified voice.

Emily Luthra, a UX writer says (on the same page):

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow! :-)



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