Btw, just in case you missed I did mention — again and again — that biases do exist. But I guess you were too riled up on the “how dare he” feeling. You did miss out, or choose to ignore the racial, cultural and sexual aspects after all. The second you felt the gender bias was present, everything else went out the window.

Point 2. You probably skipped out on the whole data I presented. Are you really saying that despite the fact that the educational choices kids make which leads to the academic America producing far far more computer science male grads than female ones, it is ridiculous that a huge disparity exist in the workplace when it comes to male vs female representation? Sure, that makes sense!

Wage gap? May I bring your attention to the fact that I did keep on shouting again and again that the problem does exist? The problem is when people want to harp about it purely from an emotional view point and not a rational one.

And yeah. Businesses should and do have obligations just to those sets. If as a business, it is mandated for me to have x% from ethnic group 1, y% from ethnic group 2…and so on…and similarly representation in sexual orientations, gender etc — good luck with that. I would rather build my business based on the merit my employees have and not the colour of their skin, their sexual preferences and what not. I am not gonna stuff my business with employees who are supposed to be numbers on a check list. If you think that’s the way to go, then sure. That’s your decision. I’m happy with the fact that I do have sound reasons behind my decisions. I’m not acting on emotions gone wild.

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