Setting investment goals? Here are some questions you must ask yourself.

Lets just be sure that you are not making any wrong assumptions


#Q 1. If you are looking for financial independence, what is your required number?

Passive income is income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

#Q2. What is your risk tolerance? — Or — How much of a risk appetite do you have?

#Q 3. What is the time horizon you are targeting?

#Q 4. What kind of a person are you?


To formulate the right financial goals, ask yourself some critical questions that would help you put in place the right set of goals.#1. If you are looking at financial independence, what is the target output per month to achieve that?#2. What does your risk appetite look like? or How risk averse are you?#3. What is the time horizon you have in mind to achieve your goals?#4. What kind of a person are you? Make sure your investment philosophy is aligned to your personality type.

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