Rules of engagement have changed for content marketing.

Here’s all you need to know.

You can be loud by creating a lot of content, or you can get smart. (Pic by geralt on pixabay)


I have seen people smirk when they see someone’s LinkedIn bio read “Founder & CEO”, when that person is running just a blog. Keeping aside the arrogance of that statement, that comparison may have had some water at one point of time but not anymore. Blogs and publications are indeed one of the strongest influencing forces out there, contributing to consumer perception and transaction behavior. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are hundreds of millions of blogs that exist today.


Simple. Since there are so many content outlets present there today, it is getting increasingly difficult for you to grab the audience’s attention and drive awareness about your presence and the value you bring to the table. After all, why would (and more importantly, should) someone consume your content instead of someone else’s?


No, of course not. Content marketing continues to add a lot of value to brands everywhere. It doesn’t matter what your search phrase is on Google, if you are searching about ‘the claps feature on Medium’, chances are my story on the topic will be right there in the first fold.

  • It is not something I typically write about. I write about startups, strategy, marketing and what not. But that day I just decided to write about this new update Medium had pushed through.
  • It is not my best story by any stretch. Far from it. There are some stories that I feel good about having come up with; this isn’t one of them.
  • It keeps getting visitors — mostly from Google searches. 91% of the views of this story have come from Google.
  • This story has brought revenue to my business. People land on my Medium profile because of this story, read some of my other stories and decide to contact me to help them with their business.
  • The story by Jason Li — “Our redesign of Medium….” in TomYum is a much more interesting read. I just came across the story as I made these searches on Google for the screengrabs, and though I just gave it a quick look, it does look interesting and the product of some real hard work. On the other hand, I had just put together everything about the feature that came to my mind. No wonder Jason’s story has 149k claps and counting.


#1. Something already exists? Have a new take on it.


Despite all the challenges a content marketer faces today in the shape of abundance of content out there and therefore competition, the fact remains that content marketing is one of the most profitable and RoI-efficient sources of traffic to any business. Content drives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to the product pages of tools like Hubspot, Buffer etc. so no matter what, don’t let anyone tell you content marketing is dead. If it works for them (who by sheer virtue of the ARR their products witness can invest in paid ads), it can certainly work for you. You just need to approach creating the content in a better, more personalised and engaging way. When you create content which stems from your own experiences and stories, they are unique.



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