Racism for the sake of racism has got to stop

and till the time we stop doing that, people will continue to take advantage of that — be it politicians preying on our fear or anyone else.

Abhishek Anand
2 min readJun 13, 2017


Here is the thing. Or the things, to be precise.

  • Not every ‘white’ person — as you so eloquently put it — would have jumped up on that bandwagon to denounce Netflix. There would have been those who would have been calm as fuck. There also would have been ‘whites’ who would start counting the days to the screening of the new show, because they know the quality of shows Netflix is able to produce.
  • Not every ‘white’ voted for Trump. Not even by a long shot.
  • I had seen black men and women standing at Trump rallies. I have seen them defending Trump in impromptu interviews and conversations. Should that give anybody the right to blame the wrongdoings of those isolated few on a whole segment of the society? Because that is the precise kind of bullshit you have talked about throughout your story. Really, how dense are you?

The more I read that piece, the more racism and filth kept on getting spewed. Till the point I couldn’t take it in anymore. Why can’t we make the points we are trying to make without giving it a tint of racism?

And then at the end, you add that phrase — “if you enjoyed this piece”. Seriously?

Hatred. Textbook racism. Ignorance. Prejudice. Sure, what was there that wasn’t to be liked.

PS: In case it wasn’t clear. I don’t know your neighbour. I don’t know what kind of a person he or she is, what skin color I’ll be able to see. Who that individual is, as a person. So I can’t really comment on whether your ‘white’ neighbour is a racist or not. But make no mistake — You Are!



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