Racism for the sake of racism has got to stop

and till the time we stop doing that, people will continue to take advantage of that — be it politicians preying on our fear or anyone else.

Here is the thing. Or the things, to be precise.

The more I read that piece, the more racism and filth kept on getting spewed. Till the point I couldn’t take it in anymore. Why can’t we make the points we are trying to make without giving it a tint of racism?

And then at the end, you add that phrase — “if you enjoyed this piece”. Seriously?

Hatred. Textbook racism. Ignorance. Prejudice. Sure, what was there that wasn’t to be liked.

PS: In case it wasn’t clear. I don’t know your neighbour. I don’t know what kind of a person he or she is, what skin color I’ll be able to see. Who that individual is, as a person. So I can’t really comment on whether your ‘white’ neighbour is a racist or not. But make no mistake — You Are!

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