Progress so far.

I know nobody asked for it, but what the hell! :-)

Abhishek Anand
3 min readSep 2, 2019
There needs to be an accountability system in everything, and this post is just a part of that.

I decided to get back to my routine of consistently writing a Medium article and answering a question on Quora late last month — on August 21. This was my way to starting to get my life back to a non-chaotic state. And getting out of the feeling of running around like a headless chicken — something I feel I have been doing a lot of, of late. The last time I undertook this initiative, it was an experiment; an experiment to see if sticking to a routine, and inculcating some semblance of discipline in my daily life, can help. The results were quite encouraging, and the gratification I got out of those few simple daily tasks was immense. Now, I haven’t gotten back to that state just yet, but I think I am slowly getting there.

(I won’t get into the reasons of why I fell out of that routine, because a. no matter how I justify it, I think they will all be weak excuses, and b. it doesn’t matter why I fell out of it; what matters is how I get things back on track)

So, this is what has been happening since August 21:

  1. There have been two weekends, and I did not write anything over those. That’s 4 days when there were no Medium stories from my end, and 3 days when there were no Quora answers. (I did answer a question on Quora over the first weekend.)
  2. Other than those 4 days, I have stuck to the routine. I am genuinely pleased about that.
  3. I have written because I needed to write. With no regard to the views, claps or upvotes (in case of quora).
  4. I followed a buddy system. Every time I would write something, I would share the links with Harshit Agarwal. Not because he asked me to do it, but because it creates some sense of an accountability system. The accountability is just in my head since there is no real accountability here, but as long as I am determined to make it work, “in my head” is all that counts. (Thanks for that, Harshit.)
  5. I always used to end my stories with “that’s it for today, see you tomorrow”. David Smooke of Hackernoon used to love that line. (Sidebar: Special thanks and shoutout to my good friend David, who has been one of the most cherished supporters of my inner monologues.) This time, when I started, I added one word at the end of that line — “…hopefully!” Because I did not want to make a promise I would not keep. The ‘hopefully’ will continue to be there in my stories — at least for the time being. Till I know I am going to keep the promise I am making. So for now, it is what it is.
  6. I did not actively publish any of my stories in any publication. For my last story, guys from SWLH Editors were kind enough to reach out, so that’s the only story that is there in a publication. Maybe that will change soon.


Wish I knew. But I will keep you guys updated. I hope that’s okay. :-)

That’s it for today…see yo…

Actually that’s not true. This story shouldn’t count. I will write the one for today in some time…

See you around!



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