One more strategy to be more productive this year — uninstall Quora

This is a chapter from the journey on the path to self-improvement. Read more about that at the end.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Quora. I actually end up spending more time on it in a day than I spend on all other social networks combined in a week. And that is precisely where the problem exists.

This might be a reasonably apt description of how I look like when using Quora

The problem with my Quora usage graph(not necessarily the website itself, but my usage) exists on multiple levels:

  1. I don’t follow a lot of people. I don’t believe in following ‘like minded’ people. Really restricts your outlook of life. I have come across countless interesting personalities because I chose to treat everyone as if they were on the same pedestal — a stranger. And then I let their words speak to me. So, I follow topics. But the kind of questions I see getting asked — even in completely professional topics — these days has been getting on my nerves more and more. I unfollowed topics related to my school precisely because of that. No I don’t wanna know if Mr. X is the most intelligent people you have ever worked with, and to be honest, neither should you. Get a life! So, my content consumption time is way overshadowed by the time I spend just scrolling through — sometimes in frustration.

And that — point #3 — is what prompted the decision! Sure, I did decide to continue answering a question on Quora every single day, and I will continue to do that (already did that for today). But I am not going to get pulled down by the responses it has or hasn’t been generating. As far as content consumption goes — I am going to starve myself on that for a few days and then start rationing the supply.

I use the same strategy while looking for a question to answer. Earlier, I used to scroll on and on, trying to find a question that looked fit. (For obvious reasons I did not want to answer a lot of questions in my request — Which is the best ecommerce website to buy a smartphone from? Is the latest Redmi phone better than the Oppo xyz?)

So now, I will open up 3 topics — one in each tab. Go through the top 10/15 items on the topic’s feed. If I find a question where I think I can contribute, I answer. Else, I will close the tab immediately. The right candidate might have been right at #16, but I don’t care. Remember what we talked about on stop loss?

All of these tweaks and changes I have been making — to be honest, they are fairly minuscule and trivial. But the hope is, put together they would be able to make a lot of difference.

This is part of a series, where I would be encapsulating my journey to some self-improvement over the course of next 16 weeks, starting April 9, 2017. ;-)

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