Okay Peter Jansen, let me address your concerns.

  1. I am not a writer. Have never claimed to be one. I have started a few businesses of my own, and have had a couple of small exits. So I guess you could say I have some sense of what I am talking about.
  2. Yes, incompetence is something that is quite possible. One can never argue that.
  3. I already mentioned some industries where secrecy is the key. Any businesses that thrive on innovation and cutting edge tech and research are just some of those that belong to the said industries. I think you will agree that most of the upcoming businesses you read about in the mainstream/startup media don’t belong to that group. (I think I have highlighted this quite clearly in my story as well.)
  4. Unless you talk to your consumers, you are building what you think they need. Accessing their pain points and making a product that seamlessly integrates into their lives is one of the key factors needed for you to achieve product-market fit and adoption. You won’t have that unless you talk to people and invite dissenting thoughts. Hard to do any of that when all you say is “I can’t talk about what we are doing for you, but it’s gonna blow your mind.”

Feel free to disagree, but as is the case with anything else I have ever talked about, I have given my reasons.

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