Mark my words. Choose. Your. Investors.

Early stage fund raising is less about money and more about value your investors can bring.

If the only value your investor is adding to your business is his wallet, say No.
  • don’t have the right connections
  • don’t have the right skills
  • have a blind spot (or a few)
  • don’t have the cash


I have come across several entrepreneurs who would answer this question in one word — “Funding”.

  1. why is the cart abandonment rate so high?
  2. why are your marketing campaigns not working?
  3. why do you have good app install numbers, but such a disastrously high churn?
  4. why are the return/refund rates so high?
  5. how do you procure the products/services for a cheaper rate?
  6. how do you improve operational efficiency?
  7. how do you get more partners/form more strategic alliances/have better (or more) vendors?
  8. how do you turn customers into your marketing champions?
  9. …..


These problems are what should be guiding you in choosing your potential investors. People who can actually help you solve your challenges.

That’s it for today; see you tomorrow.

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