Lessons from my dad

Life is a constant journey. We learn something new every day.


Been dead for almost 20 years; still taking me to school.

I love that line.

#1. Always be willing to learn something new

10 years back, I used to jokingly tell my friends — I wouldn’t be surprised if some day my dad tells me he is the Director of the CIA. Why? Because he knew something about everything. Was he born this way? Of course not. But he made it his mission to learn some of the things about any of the trade crafts he came across.

#2. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. But never start with what your affordability is.

I have seen the underbelly of the unorganised world of retail. I have seen the world where there is a brand, but the name doesn’t matter.

#3. If people agree with you, great. If not, that’s fine!

Like most of us, my dad has some biases. Some hardwired thought processes. He may be right, or (as it most of the times happens) he may be wrong in my opinion. But, we can always have a healthy conversation around it. He is quick in calling out our differences and in pointing out that we have two different thought processes altogether, but he would never say my thought process is wrong. He would give his arguments, but he would respect mine as well.

That’s it for today; see you tomorrow.

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