Just launch the product already!

The perfect product is a myth. The best thing you can do is have a product that keeps on growing. One that keeps on getting better.

Look at product development this way itself.

Product development has to be on a Rinse repeat, or better still Eat sleep rave repeat mode.

#1. You add up to whatever product you currently have (yes, it is fine to have the current state as 0)

#2. You push it out — preferably to a smaller base (always do A/B testing)

#3. You look at the data — how people are engaging with your product now vs before the latest update

#4. You learn from the data and go back to step 1. And repeat

I don’t know if you will get to the perfect product or not. But you will surely reach the state of a better product every week as compared to what you had.

The first few meetings are the hardest. There would be a lot of features and seemingly ‘critical’ modules that would be suggested and strongly recommended to me, and almost all the time I have to say — NO! The guy is not amused.

It is natural for someone giving their time, effort and energy in building a product to want it to be as great as possible. Who wouldn’t? But, you seem to be missing one critical piece of information — It really isn’t your product, is it? No. When I said, it isn’t his product, I didn’t mean its mine. I don’t think it is my product as well. The product is the end user’s and noone else’s. Anybody who thinks otherwise has got his priorities all mixed up, and there is nothing more disastrous than mixed up priorities.

But you need to have more than just one feature?

Okay. Sure, I can certainly understand that. Choose one and focus on that and just that. The one that you think will resonate the most with your consumer base. You never know. The shape, direction and the value of your business might change based on that one single feature.

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