Just launch the product already!

The perfect product is a myth. The best thing you can do is have a product that keeps on growing. One that keeps on getting better.

Look at product development this way itself.

Product development has to be on a Rinse repeat, or better still Eat sleep rave repeat mode.

#1. You add up to whatever product you currently have (yes, it is fine to have the current state as 0)

#2. You push it out — preferably to a smaller base (always do A/B testing)

#3. You look at the data — how people are engaging with your product now vs before the latest update

#4. You learn from the data and go back to step 1. And repeat

The first few meetings are the hardest. There would be a lot of features and seemingly ‘critical’ modules that would be suggested and strongly recommended to me, and almost all the time I have to say — NO! The guy is not amused.

But you need to have more than just one feature?



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Abhishek Anand

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