It is quite a valid point. But as you noted, it isn’t applicable here primarily because of the following points:

  • I decided to write on this because of the stories I have been seeing off late. Gender bias, cultural bias etc.
  • I actually did not start making these searches before I had the first draft ready. I made the searches, took the screenshots and added whatever new info needed to be put in.
  • I have always used incognito mode to highlight any such research examples so that the findings aren’t diluted and corrupted by my internet usage and browsing pattern. Lately I’ve added using VPN to look into results from different geographies as well (so that my location data doesn’t corrupt things). And then I would use a data point if I’m convinced on the impartiality of the point I’m trying to make.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned — it was quite a genuine and valid point you raised. The reason I don’t highlight that — to avoid adding bulk to my already long stories. :-)

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