I’m Abhishek. And I’ll answer all questions

If I can help, I will… If I can’t, I’ll learn. ツ

Abhishek Anand
3 min readMay 28, 2017
You can leave your questions as responses to this story. I will answer them and delete all questions that have been asked. (Was getting these requests since some people did not want their questions made public)

I answer questions on Quora. I post unfiltered thoughts on Medium. I do it all without any expectations.

There are only two intentions or reasons why I do this:

  • Lately I had come to the realisation that I was probably stuck in my life. Needed to grow. Needed to make some changes. Instil some sense of discipline. Be better. Writing helps me. It soothes me down, it helps me think with more clarity, it helps me see afar. So I write. I had been answering questions on Quora long before I took onto Medium. But I was never what you would call a regular. Felt like a good way to instil some discipline. So, now I write every day. Unedited, unfiltered.
    TL;DRI write for myself. My own selfish reasons.
  • I do have some ways in which I believe I can help others. Call it experience, call it learning from the immense opportunities I have had to work, network and brainstorm with some gifted minds. Call it having a passion for businesses, startups and strategy (marketing in particular). You can call it anything. I think the best way I would describe myself would be a problem solver. I believe there is always a simpler, better way of achieving the results that we desire. So if I can help, I will.

You can practically ask me anything

  • Why do I have such a dangerously codependent relationship with my dog? (It worries me some times, he likes to be around me all the time — even when I am working. My laptop has his claw marks all over. This over-attachment is annoying, but I do love it from time to time. And I am grateful that he feels this way.)
  • Why do I write so much? Don’t I have a life? (Ouch! Words do hurt you know!)
  • What’s up with my display pic? Do I love eating donuts? (Can’t say I do. I don’t like donuts or anything sweet, to be honest. The pic is symbolic. The donuts represent knowledge or content. I just like to consume it. A lot.)
  • How should one build traction for a food-tech business, when there are already so many competitors present and none of them seem to be doing too well? (Well, now you are in my wheelhouse. And I would love to answer them for you.)

So. Yeah. Ask away. If you think you have a question, do ask. If I can help, I will. If I can’t, maybe we will hunt for the answer together.


Just post your question as a response/comment on this story/post, and I will take it up from there. You’ll get a notification from Medium once your question has been answered.

Asking about startups, businesses, strategy and venture capital would be advisable, but as I mentioned — it is totally on you what do you want to ask.

Let’s have some fun.




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