I almost missed my deadline today

Who is Ana?

So, what happened?

It came to a point that the best working version of Ana looked complex AF!

Just look at some conversations I had with chatbots last night.


  • 10 million+ likes on facebook
  • One of the largest tech companies to come up in recent past
  • And Uber couldn’t get one thing right — Language support.
  1. I reached the bot’s page via a featured section on the botmaker’s website (but that’s not Uber’s fault)
  2. Even if it is the Thai page, one simple check on the user’s locale could have avoided this scenario. And yes, that support does exist.
  3. If I am from Thailand, continue with the flow. For every single user from anywhere in the world — Show one static message. In English.




  • The flow was guided
  • There was a personal and soft approach to it
  • When stymied, the bot didn’t froze, but ‘handled’ it



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Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand

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