Here we go again

From top writer in 9 tags to top writer in none!

Abhishek Anand
3 min readOct 2, 2017

I started writing on Medium on April 9, and then followed the practice of story a day for a good 8–10 weeks. Then, the flow broke. I was being less and less regular. And then I decided to stop altogether.

Stop writing till I was no longer a top writer in even a single tag.

Stop writing till my Medium notifications dropped from a couple dozen every day to less than 10 in a week.

We have achieved both of that. So now, I restart.


First. I love to experiment. Writing on Medium began as an experiment, so it was only natural that I would like to experiment some more.

Second. I am a huge fan of content (and by extension, content marketing). I believe that if any individual or business produces quality content that’s contextual to their audience and maintains some level of consistency in the frequency with which the content is being produced — the rewards are wondrous. And the rewards would keep on pouring in even when you stop producing said content.

Will the numbers tumble? Sure. But after a while, they would find a level where they stabilise. To illustrate this, here is a snapshot of my Quora stats.

These are past three months. Other than some blips here and there, you can see that there is a clear level around which the number of views/day has stabilised. That happened here as well. Daily views of my Medium stories stabilised around the 80–90 mark.

So now, I have a base level. As a marketer, my intent would be to increase this base level at least by 2–3x over the next few months.


Well. To begin with — the top writer position in all those tags. :-p

I won’t lie. It is a good feeling to be a top writer in almost 10 different tags.

Also, from gaining 30–40 new followers every day, now I get less than 5 every week. That sucks. :-D


Business as usual. I’ll write every day.

There were some stories that I really wanted to write about, some that I even started writing, but decided against breaking the streak of not publishing a story. Some of these stories will now be published in the coming days and weeks.

Other than that, it would be business as usual. I’ll keep on posting my raw, unedited thoughts. Things that I feel can add value to someone out there. Some days I’ll suck as a writer, some days I won’t. And yeah, as usual, I’ll continue answering questions on email.

That’s it for today; see you tomorrow.

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