Don’t start your marketing just yet.

First, figure out who exactly are you marketing to.

Abhishek Anand
7 min readSep 17, 2019


Ads. Ads everywhere around us. (image credit)

You are just starting your business. Adrenaline rushing through you. You can’t wait to showcase your product and services in front of your customers and have them fawning over all the value you are bringing to their lives. You set up a Facebook page, made some posts, and now Facebook says — You can reach 2,580 customers every day if you promote this post. Mmmmm…Sounds enticing. There is a certain allure behind that promised land of getting 2,000+ customers every single day.

Does that story sound familiar? It should. That is essentially every single one of us when we start our business. Now, some of us would go ahead and start promoting our business right away, some would wait for a while before they have some more meat on the website and/or Facebook page. But we all eventually start doing it. Who doesn’t want those customers, after all?

My question is this — Do you know who you are gonna advertise to before you start advertising?

Of course. We know our target audience. It is, for example, youth between the ages of 18 and 35. And that is where the mistake gets made!


You cannot treat your customers the same way. Some value convenience, others value price, some would put a lot of emphasis on how the overall product looks and feel, how it is packaged. Everyone has a different set of expectations from you — the business.

But, all customers are different after all, but they do need your product. So where is the mistake in advertising your product in front of them all?

Yes, every single one of us is unique in their own way, but if you started to classify customers in different macro-buckets, you would realise that you can cluster them up in different groups. Groups that have the same broad sense of identity, expectations and behavioral patterns. While they may be different from each other on a micro level, from a macro perspective, they do tend to look similar. And these groups are what businesses called buyer personas or customer archetypes. Identifying your buyer personas is…



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