Be strategic in where you place your customer testimonials.

Abhishek Anand
3 min readOct 3, 2021

Social proof.

One of the most potent forms of marketing. If I see a friend of mine recommending a product I am considering, the chances of me going ahead with my transaction increases exponentially.

And it is not limited to friends. Someone else having nice things to say about a product helps potential customers gain more trust in a product’s capability. You would have probably come across a ton of content underscoring the need for social proof, so we don’t need to go into that.

What we are, instead, talking about is using social proof right.

Social proof comes in many shapes, sizes and form.

From customer videos to interview-format articles to something as simple as a tweet, it is all social proof.

Your 5 — star reviews on Capterra and Trustpilot serve as social proof (which is why many businesses will proudly and prominently include a Trustpilot badge on their website.

Customer case studies are social proof — typically more valuable and helpful in case of products with a relatively larger ticket size.

Your product being product hunt product of the day/week etc. is an extremely strong social proof — for targeting an extremely niche…



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