Are you adding substantial value to the life of your customer?


Always Create Value for your consumers.





  • If it is designing a product, don’t build a product for yourself, build one that adds value to your consumers’ lives. Solves a pain-point of theirs. Don’t build a product you THINK they need, build a product they visibly SHOW they need. How do you identify that? Lots of prototyping, even more AB testing, and most importantly, making tweaks based on customers’ engagement with your product and analysing whether that makes things more enriched for them or not.
    And yeah. When I said, don’t build a product for yourself, I meant a product that you believe is the right one to solve their pain points. Sorry bud, it doesn’t work that way.
  • When you are creating a marketing campaign, don’t talk about how great your company or product is, or how pumped up on feature-rich steroids it has been made. Nobody gives a shit. And everybody says the same. Even a guy living out of a box with access to a cellphone and internet connectivity can create a blog that claims to teach people the sureshot ways of becoming a millionaire in a year or less. Doesn’t necessarily make him an expert.
    Always talk about the consumers’ pain points. Things they would be able to relate to — on a personal and professional level. Every one cares about improving their lives. They care about saving those hard earned dollars. They care about saving that extra half hour they have to slog at the office every day. You talk about those, and you have their attention.
    You always begin and you end with the consumer’s pain-points. How your product fits in like a glove in this regard is the juicy center in between.
Completely unrelated. But haha, it cracked me up.
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Abhishek Anand

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