An introduction

I have been passionate about businesses for a long time now. I like doing what I do, and I find a great sense of satisfaction in it. And as expected, it does reflect in many of the social conversations I have as well. I have said this a lot of times and I will say it again, it doesn’t matter what space you are in, or whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, if you look closely, you will find out that at the core, all businesses are driven by the same intrinsic principles. Businesses — even in completely different segments — are more similar than you would imagine.

It is because of that reason that a lot of things you would talk about, I will relate it to the same principles that are involved in running a startup. A friend of mine was trying to come up with a YouTube web-series, and we were discussing it over drinks one day at his place, and I said — “Like it or not, you are a startup.” He didn’t like it; but more importantly, he didn’t agree. And that is where he was wrong. It is a startup with content at its core. Why do I correlate stuff to startups and businesses? Because running a startup requires passion, discipline, dedication and faith — and every single one of them were critical for his video-content creation YouTube channel as well. It is as simple as that.

Now, this happens with me quite often. People would talk about something Myntra or Flipkart or PayTM is doing, and if I disagree, then I would try to help them understand why is it that they are wrong (or try to understand from them so that I stand corrected — either way, I think one of us gets benefitted). Sometimes people would come to me seeking advice on the next business they are getting into, and if I think I can contribute to it, I would do my best. Conversations, emails, presentations — it happens everywhere. And that is precisely what the focus of this web-space would be.

I intend to write about stuff I talk about in my day-to-day life with people. Whether it is talking about a business, a company, or different execution styles and why something makes sense and something doesn’t — I intend to talk about it all here.

Some of it may be good, and many may suck. But hey, c’est la viè.

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