80% of success is just showing up!

People ask me many questions about writing. Here is the answer to it. And one line on my approach to running a business.

How do you ensure you have something meaningful and profound to write about every day?

But how do you know the route you are advocating is the right one or not?

But I wasn’t always doing that — at least when it came to writing. And maybe even to running a business.

80% of life/success is just showing up — with intent.

  • Whether I am able to produce a gem or not, I am producing content every day. In time, I will get better.
  • Whether I am able to bench-press 200 kilos or not, I’ll just keep on showing up at the gym — even if the thin, lean kid standing next to me can do 20 pullups when I can’t even do 1. In time, I will get better.
  • Whether I am processing 50 orders a day in a market that could potentially offer 50,000+ orders/day at ease, I will keep on showing up — working towards adding one more daily order to the mix week after week. In time, the business will get there.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow.


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Abhishek Anand

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